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Our textile fabrics are certified with European Oekotex Standard 100.. Oekotex is a stringent green certification for products that are free from hazardous substances which are harmful to consumers skin and health. Confidence in textiles, the testing for harmful substances was carried out independently to make sure that certified products can be safely to be used.

Our textile plant is equiped with a lagoon type waste effluent treatment system. Its capacity is estimated treating 2,000 m3 of effluent per day to comply with Malaysia DOE standard B requirement. Water is a scarce and precious resource, so our treatment plant is designed to recycle and reuse estimate 30% of the treated effluent for our textile dyeing process.




effluent2 effluent1 effluent3

Fossil fuels are scarce and polluting the environment .In 2003-2005, we converted our boilers from fossil fuels to biomass boilers, which using palm mesocarp fiber or palm shredded fiber for heat generation. Each year, palm oil industry in Malaysia generated 80 million ton of empty fuit bunch waste. The waste from palm oil industry is too massive to be disposed off, We collect the shredded fiber from nearby palm oil mill the waste would be an excellent biomass. In other word, we are reducing the waste from palm oil industry by using it as biomass.
In 2011, we ventured into Dried Long Fibre (DLF) industry. DLF treatment plant is a green technology to recycle palm oil mill waste-Empty fruit bunch and to turn the waste into raw material for green industry e.g. mattress, cushion, erosion control, medium density fibreboard etc…The short fibre produced from the DLF production would be used as fuel for our boilers, in other words the DLF production creates zero waste.


Dried Long Fiber Process



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