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One-Stop Solution

We provide full range of solution and service to our customers in catering their orders that are:


Vertical production line from knitting to apparels

With the ample plant production area and up to date machineries, we are able to manufacture the following products:
- Dyed Yarn
- Knitting Fabrics
- Dyeing & Finishing
- Garments
- Accessories


In house Quality Control & Assurance Certification

We conduct stringent online quality control system to make sure that our products meet our buyer requirements. The following are the test we commonly testing on our products:

- Color Fastness to Washing
- Color Fastness to Water
- Shade Change after Wash
- Light Fastness Test
- pH Control Test
- Dimensional Stability
- Elongation Test

- Color Fastness to Home Laundry
- Dimensional Stability
- Appearance after Home Laundry


Warehouse, Shipment and Handling

The lead time for delivery is getting shorter due to market volatility and faster change of fashion and trend. Our team plan ahead with our customers for each coming season to make sure that raw material and production line are well organized to deliver products on time. We are having a systematic warehouse with good air ventilation system to provide stock keeping service for our clients for fabrics and apparels. This would help our clients to keep ready stock with minimum warehouse and logistics cost as if there are unforeseen increase in sale for certain seasons, our customers with ready stock would be able to deliver in short time and in bulk so reduce the cost of transportation. On the other hand, this would reduce the risk of unsold items in store for our customers.


Ordering Process

Our customers would query what is the lead time for our production. Below is the guideline for the order process and lead time. Our team is committed to deliver the top quality within the agreed time frame.

Fabrics & Garment
(a) Sample Development (2 weeks)

Business Activities

(b) Bulk Orders (3 -4 weeks)

Business Activities

(a) Ready Made Fabrics (3 -4 weeks)

Business Activities

(b) Custom Made Fabrics (5 – 7 weeks)

Business Activities

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